Jen VS Jon

The 29th Annual Fieros At Carlisle sparked a new yearly tradition of a club shirt designed around a member’s car. For the introductory year; a challenge was initiated to see who could create and sell more shirts. The two designs are shared below and will be available for pre-order in limited edition colors. The designs shown below will be located on the back of the Tee with the above logo on the front. These will be available for pickup at the 30th Annual Fieros At Carlisle show. We will also have the shirts avaail to order later in the year, with shipping, in standard colors. Check back for more info on this after Carlisle.

Hulki’s Dream

In the spirit of her cars and Hulki Aldikacti’s dream of a V8 powered Fiero; Jen has dedicated her shirt to share a completed vison.

We Drive Excitement

Jon’s vision is simple, a shirt that can be worn anywhere and show that 80’s style.