In June of 1999, I decided that at, age 18, I needed a “sports car”. Several friends were driving the popular imports of the time and my reliable first car just wasn’t measuring up. In fact, any time I could, I borrowed my dad’s low mileage 1985 Fiero GT which he had won, brand-new, in the “MAC Again, Back Again” sweepstakes. When an initial search of vehicles came up short, my dad suggested I take a ride in his friend’s 1986 GT which had a 383 stroker motor stuffed in the back with a bottle – one pass down the road was all it took – I would settle for nothing less than a fastback Fiero!
After a brief search, my dad surprised me by procuring a 1988 GT (with my funds) that still remains in my garage today. “Rare Silver” as it has been dubbed was my daily driver for nearly 2 years before I added a 2nd Fiero to my collection – a silver 1986 coupe that Dad purchased for $50 from a local college student because it needed a clutch. By this point in time, several Fieros graced our household and flipping cars soon became a father-daughters project, with my younger sister often joining in. In 2001, I secured the car that would become the “Blue Demon” and decided to call “all-in” on my first engine upgrade and customization.
It was the time of my first Fiero purchase that I encountered the Mid-Atlantic Fiero Owner’s Association (MAFOA), finding it after a simple Internet search that took Dad and I to our first Road Rally and Fiero Show at Freysinger Pontiac. We were quickly hooked, and by the end of that year, I was being ask to join the Board – first as a Newsletter Editor and then in 2002, taking over for the club’s first President, Bob Schlag. I remained in this position for 5 years before “retiring” to focus on career pursuits. Although I stepped away from the local Fiero scene for a few years, I was eager to come back in 2014 and help to bring the club into a new era. Of course, I think President Tom Derr was really setting me up for a return to the “hot seat” and in 2018, I began my second-term as Club President of one of the oldest Fiero clubs in the nation.MAFOA is dedicated to promoting the excitement that is the Pontiac Fiero.
Our club was formed in 1994 by a group of Fiero enthusiasts who loved to drive, show, maintain, modify and preserve their Fieros. Through the years, club activities have included show, rallies, tours, parades, salvage yard excursions, regional and national Fiero events, picnics, swap meets, tech days and more. MAFOA is about the Pontiac Fiero and the Fiero Community. Our benefits include technical assistance, assisting in locating new and used parts…and service providers. We are a source and network for Fiero historical information and collectibles. We conduct several major events a year and publish a monthly newsletter. Mostly, we just love to get together to show off our cars, exchange Fiero stories and ideas talk tech, and enjoy each other’s company.For me, the club has become a second family – as well as a way I can spend time with my own family. Whatever the car means to you, I hope you can join us to make your experience even more special.

May your days be Fiero filled,

Jennifer Goss

President, Mid Atlantic Fiero Owners Association

Member of MAFOA since 1999