Are you unhappy with the speed of your Fiero Windows? Have you done all the dew wipe adjustments, track greasing and motor replacements, but still have time to do a crossword puzzle while waiting for your windows to roll up or down?
Did you miss out on the initial offering of the Rodney Dickman adapted motor kit?
Well we have good news for you!
Trinten, a fellow Fiero fan from Pennock’s, bought the rights and tooling from Rodney to continue to produce these kits!
They are not a “drop in” kit. You will need to be comfortable with modifying the “scissors” for your windows. After that, attaching the new motors can be done by either a “u-nut” setup, or a weld-on nut setup (yes! fasteners are supplied as part of the kit). Details on how to install the kit can be found here:

Trinten’s thread on the revival of it, and how many kits he currently has on hand, can be found here:

The cost for each set is $250 plus shipping. If you’d like to buy a set or have any questions, feel free to post on Pennock’s or reach out to Trinten directly at Trinten (at) Please put “Fiero window motors” in the subject line, in case your message goes to spam. 



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